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Street Art

As a Florida Chalk Artist's Association "Maestro" level artist, I have traveled throughout the US and Canada creating street paintings, both on my own and as co-founder of the award-winning duo, "The Chalk Guys".  A common misconception is that all street art is created in chalk.  In fact they come in all shapes, sizes, and mediums.  They can be two-dimensional or create an "anamorphic" 3D illusion.  The most common are temporary in nature, using chalk or tempera paint which can be washed away with a good rain or pressure washing.  A more permanent solution is to use latex and acrylic paints. Street art can be engaging when created as part of your live event. However, if time time does not permit,  a canvas piece can be created in studio and installed on site.  By hiring an artist that can bring your vision to life, the possibilities and options are seemingly endless.  Below are examples of pieces created using various methods.  Contact me to discuss what may be right for your next event or project.

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