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Whether you’re in need of developing a complete brand image, interested in revamping your visual communication, or adding a mural or street art to your location or event, I can help you achieve those goals.


Understanding the unique touch-points of each client is essential to business. I focus on building reliable connections, amazing results, and individual experiences that are as unique as they are memorable.

Contact me today for a free consultation and let me add a little creativity to your next project or event.


City of West Palm Beach

"It has been my privilege to work with professional artist Hector Diaz on Frame Your Neighborhood a city-wide public art project.  Hector is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his craft while balancing the business ethics and efficacy necessary to be successful in his field.  He is thoughtful, engaging, and responsive to a broad and diverse public.  He takes extra care to think through his projects while maintaining a collaborative spirit.  It has been a pleasure to work with Hector Diaz."

— Sybille Welter

Administrator of Public Art and Culture


As a street artist, I specialize in 2D

as well as 3D anamorphic street art

creating a multitude of projects throughout the US and Canada. Whether independantly or as part of the award-winning Chalk Guys, I am always

ready for the next challenge.


The top priority when taking on a new mural project, is understanding the

client's vision through and through.

This enables me to generate a mural solution that is practical, aesthetically pleasing, and brand centered.

From initial design concept

to final outcome, I am dedicated to bringing my clients’ visions to life.


Understanding how important it is

for clients to create a lasting visual impact, I am committed to

solving the most complex challenges

in the world of graphic design.

With top-notch design aesthetics, 

let me help you place your brand

one step ahead of the competition.


Contact Me

West Palm Beach, Florida  |  Tel: 561.236.8484

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